How to give GOOD PHONE in Sales Training

May 10, 2010

The GUTS Sales Training Kit

How to Give “Good Phone”

and learn to live the good  life forever!

Mastering the Art and Science of Sales Persuasion & Success by Claude Diamond

A dubious title to say the least, but still quite accurate. If you can’t learn how to give Good Phone, be prepared to eat Friday night dinner from a cereal box with a picture of Sponge Bob Square Pants for the rest of your life.   I prefer going to my favorite restaurant and ordering from the wine list regardless of the price! To drive any car, to be able to live where there is skiing, surfing, golf and where I can leave my ipod Nano® in my unlocked car, that is how I live.

Why? Because my Mentor taught me that life is too short to drink cheap wine and to drive a Yugo™. In order to live this good life, he also taught me How to Give Good Phone! You might be more familiar with terms like sales, marketing, negotiation, but I know it as The Art and Science of Persuasion, AKA: The G.U.T.S. Sales Method.  Max used to say “it takes GUTS to make it in sales, but once you learn the correct method, you will have a blank check for the rest of your life”. I use this method exclusively in my Lease Purchase real estate business, Coaching, Sales training program and just about everything else I do and believe me it works! You gotta give good phone!

OK, already Claude, so how do I give “Good Phone”? Here are some of my G.U.T.S.*  phone rules:

1. Qualify your prospect in one call and in under 3 minutes!

Stop wasting the prospect’s and your time! Your goal is to Work Fast & Qualify even  faster (with finesse) in order to qualify your prospect in the first 3 minutes. I even have a special 3 minute timer next to my phone. You decide quickly, by using my opposite redirection technique™, whether there is something there for both of you.

2. If you want a friend, then get a dog! Harry Truman said it best! Forget about all the schmoozing, rapport, bonding and pretentious crap you hear at seminars.  Be professional-be direct-qualify-get a commitment or get out! Stop wasting time! Think and act like a millionaire because you can’t get back all of the hours you  have wasted.

3. Have major Chutzpah (unmitigated gaul): Why, because the meek may inherit the earth, but only because it was sold to their parent by a salesman first. Ask the questions on the phone that others dread.  Examples are on the next page……….

*Great Unconventional & Unorthodox Techniques of Sales.

Continued from Page 1: Examples of telephone Unmitigated Gaul:

Mr. Prospect, what will you need from me in order for us to make a commitment today?

Ms. Seller, if I come over to your home today with a check and a contract, can we do business?

Mr. and Mrs. Buyer, do you mind if we discuss money issues and financing for our deal up front?

If I can solve your problems/needs, do you have sufficient  funds for us to do business today?

If my proposal isn’t right for you, would you do me a favor and tell me we can’t do business up front?

4. Become The Amazing Kreskin on the phone (Las Vegas Mind Reading Dude)! Ok you can’t read minds, heck nobody can (except my wife and maybe yours, too;-), then do the next best thing; ask the G.U.T.S. questions! You need the answers to find out the information or as we call it,  “discovery”.

Examples: What type of home are you looking for? When do you want to move? How much can you put down as a commitment on your new home? Where is your favorite location? How do you make decisions of this important nature for your family?

5. Dealing with Mr. Wallpaper on the phone: Every now and then, I get a prospect who doesn’t speak or answers (if at all) monosyllabically. Here are the classics: Yup, uh huh, OK, Yes-No, grunt and hmmm.  Yes, this guy is like talking to peeling wallpaper! Here are some techniques to handle this dude.

Open ended question: What flavor would you like in your tofu milkshake, sir?

Open ended question with finesse: Our spinach and garlic milkshake is an excellent choice, ma’am. Would you like me to super-size it?

Multiple choice question: Our flavors this week are liver & onions, seaweed or beach driftwood sushi and decadent chocolate. Which one would you like?

6. Learn the three most important words on the phone:  I DON’T KNOW!

Don’t volunteer information and hard earned knowledge, unless you are getting a commitment or money. If you are asked a question without compensation, you answer with the 3 magic words “I don’t know” and then proceed to use opposite redirection.

7. Never Ever sound like a salesperson on the phone! Let’s face it. When I say the word “salesman” you don’t exactly get goose bumps in anticipation of meeting one, right? Nobody likes the dude who is begging, tricky, desperate, pushy and hard-up. The minute you hear one on the phone calling you at dinnertime, you are trying to figure out how to get off the phone!

8. No scheduling meetings,  presentations or lunches on the phone!

Never meet with a prospect unless you are going to pick up a check or a contract.

9. Never make cold phone calls, convert them to warm ones! Cold calls are a waste of time unless you like people to crap on you all day long. Learn how to convert all your calls to warm calls quickly.

Mr. Time Waster: Briiiiiiig. Hello?

Me: Hi, Mr. Time Waster. Why am I calling you?

Mr. Time Waster: Hey, you called me. Whaddaya want?

Me: I don’t know. I have your phone number here, but I’m not sure why we are talking; can you help me?  Does this have anything to do with real estate?

Mr. Time Waster: Well, I do have a home for sale.

Me: That’s it! Thank you. Tell me, how we can do business with your home today?

10. Have fun, work in your pajamas and make money everyday! Understand that the phone is the single greatest invention or tool ever invented for the creation of wealth. It can allow you to communicate and persuade someone to buy your service or product anytime, anyplace. You have the ability to speak with prospects from your home, car, computer, on the beach in Maui or from your home in the Rockies while sitting in your underwear!  If you cannot work smart and be a GREAT communicator, all the business opportunities in the world are a waste of time! You see, it’s not about making money once in awhile, it’s about the freedom to make it, even lose it and start with nothing and do it all over again!

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